Strange change in the weather?

2 thoughts on “Strange change in the weather?”

  1. A French astronomer said the other day that this kind of sighting was made possible with the explosion of the Sarychev Peak volcano, which unloaded loads of aerosols into the upper parts of the atmosphere.


  2. I really hope that the glowing cloud formations showing up recently in all areas of our world is not a sign that maybe all of the cr– we are putting into our air, oceans and even our land itself – landfills, the burial site of oil drums and other toxins to our once pristine planet will not come back really soon and bite us or worse yet our children in the rear end.

    Also don’t even get me started on the “Chem-Trails” and what thats doing to the atmosphere and soil not to mention the air we all breathe and the foods grown within Mother Earth…GOD FORGIVE US ALL!


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