Russia’s Agony a “Wake-Up Call” to the World

2 thoughts on “Russia’s Agony a “Wake-Up Call” to the World”

  1. I think the majority of scientists accept that the Russian heatwave was primarily caused by a natural blocking event enhanced by the greenhouse effect/global warming.
    Doesn’t bode well for the future though with increasing GHGs.

    On the subject of ethanol, the US is most definitely one of the worst locations to grow corn for ethanol production. The energy gain (ratio), after using fossil fuels to refine the stuff is slight and in the case of wheat (in the case of European ethanol production) it is practically zero or even negative.

    There maybe a case for Brazils ethanol production, because the location and crop (sugarcane) produce a bigger gain in embedded energy after refining.


  2. It helps to think of climate change is a kind of “force multiplier” as the military types like to say. Global warming is already part of our climate reality along with natural variability as climatologist Kevin Trenbreth National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado notes in reference to the Russian heatwave.


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