Testimony wasn’t about science – good point!

13 thoughts on “Testimony wasn’t about science – good point!”

  1. Sure, we all need to act quickly, on many fronts and the sooner we do it, the easier it will be (especially while oil is still relatively cheap). The problem remains however, that the political and public debate regarding climate change are still incredibly loud – with an endless mockery of all that science has achieved.

    It’s difficult to discuss how we can achieve a low carbon system in an environment where people like Monckton are still taken seriously.


  2. “Witnesses should not be invited based on ideology; invitations should be based on the quality of their scientific work.”

    Perhaps Robyn Williams can apply the same standard to interviews on ABC’s The Science Show. And we would not have to endure the political spin of Bob Ward.


  3. I agree that it is hard given people like Monckton but we have no alternative but to keep pushing. There will always be flat earth society people who have either vested interest or are not capable of understanding the complex details of the issue.


  4. Only, it would appear that Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute was right in this case. Bob Carter has probably published the worst paper on climate change ever.


  5. You are wrong Ove. On the basis of the number of times it has been falsified in mainstream journals the title for the worst climate paper ever goes to:
    Mann, Michael E.; Bradley, Raymond S.; Hughes, Malcolm K. (1998). “Global-scale temperature patterns and climate forcing over the past six centuries” (PDF). Nature 392: 779–787. doi:10.1038/33859.


  6. I beg to differ – what is right in Carter’s paper??? Perhaps we should move to Ian Plimer’s book “Heaven and Earth”. Independent reviewers found at least one mistake on every package! Beat that!


  7. For a run down on why Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick paper is the worst climate science paper published I recommend you obtain and read a copy of Andrew Montford’s book the Hockey Stick Illusion.


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