Fox News staff ordered to cast doubt on climate science

5 thoughts on “Fox News staff ordered to cast doubt on climate science”

  1. Fox news is really just a propaganda machine for big business.

    I like this story also on climate progress.

    ““Warning: “Greater exposure” to Fox News will lead to “increased misinformation” on policy issues, especially climate science” ”

    “A World Public Opinion (WPO) poll finds that a remarkable 60% of those who watched Fox News almost daily believe that “Most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring,” whereas only 30% who never watch it believe that. Only 25% of those who watch CNN almost daily hold that erroneous belief — and only 14% who listen to NPR or PBS almost daily.”

    Strangely this sort of data matches up with virtually every conservative I personally know here in Australia. Its like an indoctrination of corporations & church interests.

    My workplace is nearly 90% conservative. Fortunately we work in IT so I have good access to pc’s & google. I asked several what they thought about AGW & 100% of them said it was a con by scientists to get more grant money. The causes were water vapour & the sun. Plus millions of years ago, the Co2 was higher than it is now, so we have a lot of catching up to do. They said the majority of scientists in & out of the field of climate science dont believe climate change is occuring & man causes it.

    It was pretty heated & I asked them where they had read it or heard it. The Australian, News ltd in general, Fairfax talkback radio & the internet. I asked if they could show me references on the internet. References were the Australian, Andrew Bolt, Quadrant, the Oregon petition & mostly gossip & opinion pieces. I was surprised that none of them had heard of WUWT, CA, CD, Nova, Carter, Plimer,Ball, Lindzen, McIntyre, McKitrick, Christy, Monckton or any actual scientists or websites from their own side of the debate. Just gossip & opinion & because it comes from their own side of politics, it doesnt need checking. They all professed to have read about it for years….. what the?

    It seems the conservative media dont have to work hard at all to con people if there is already confirmation bias there.


  2. Thanks for that Phil. I was thinking I should link to that story as an update. It is amazing. I have seen a number or studies like that, e.g., one several years ago showing that a huge majority of Fox news viewers thought that WMDs HAD been found in Iraq.

    Just reinforces my argument that it is all about media bias and media exposure and not the communications ability of scientists.


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