The Bolt Report: ‘generally dull’.

6 thoughts on “The Bolt Report: ‘generally dull’.”

  1. Leave Boltie alone … after all, he has to make some money somehow. He might not be Kerry O’Brien but he is a lot better then all of you academics!


  2. I think thanks are in order to Tim Flannery for providing such a simple benchmark for distinguishing those who jump on glib, looks good at a glance arguments that seem to support their position – even if completely wrong and don’t – from those engaged in real reasoned debate; how many of our pollies and advocates of inaction have revealed themselves to be the former by parroting the ‘1000 years makes action pointless’ line?


    1. Well spoken Ken – it seems there are a lot of people who love publicity, and don’t give a hoot about the truth or the impact on society and understanding of this misinformation on important issues such as climate change and its impacts on the earth and well-being. The glib statements that misrepresent people like Tim Flannery are extremely dangerous in their impact on progress towards solutions.


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