Advertisers pull out of The Bolt Report

7 thoughts on “Advertisers pull out of The Bolt Report”

  1. Were I an advertiser aiming at the youth market of video hits I too would pull my ads – there are other advertisers who would be happy to aim at the more mature market Bolt draws.


    1. Do you mean dementia patients in aged care homes who, like him, wouldn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, but are parked in front of a TV whilst their beds are made?


  2. The Bolt Report has been selling well and continues to attract interest from a range of advertisers.

    Sounds a lot like the Australian newspaper. A right wing propaganda tool that is heavily subsidized just to keep it afloat. So few advertisers want their ads there & so few people read it that Murdoch has to throw mountains of money at it, just to continue getting the right wing viewpoint out there.

    Yet despite the evidence newscorp spokespeople always say the Australian is doing well.

    I imagine that Gina Rhinehart will do the same to prop up Blot.


    1. Janama – let’s see what transpires. Remember, the Australian public maybe curious but they’re not stupid. They will get tired of the inane and incompetent rantings of Bolt. Don’t worry, I’m sure Gina will come to the rescue in keeping the show going despite the lack of credible content or ratings.


  3. Bolt’s smug, self-serving, far right ramblings on the ABC’s Insiders was a factor in my no longer bothering to watch that program. I just saw the last 5-10 minutes of todays broadcast – pathetic as it was, Ten should bolt from any contract it has with this pea-brain parading himself as some sort of intellectual powerhouse. What’s between his ears seems to be nought but aeroplane jelly. The show, for that’s what it is, is as totally laughable a current affairs program as would be Hitler trying to justify the Holocaust. But then, Bolt has probably tried to do that in the past too.


  4. The “Bolt Report” is almost unique in Australian TV Land. A Program which tells “the truth” from a conservative viewpoint. Most of the rest, lie, like the proverbial “pigs in mud”, spreading the propaganda of Juliar Dullard and her evil “Greenie/Commie” entourage/supporters/bosses. I would like to say that “I always watch it.”, but the fact is I watch whenever I can. Long may it continue to be a beacon in a turbulent sea of left-wing falsehood.


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