Bob Carter responds.

After being identified as being someone who will receive  $1667 per month from Heartland Institute (which is supported by fossil fuel interests and seeks to undermine the science of climate change), Adjunct Prof Bob Carter from James Cook University has responded “The details of any of these payments are private to me. I can’t imagine that Heartland has released this document”. … Continue reading Bob Carter responds.

Climate change sceptic Bob Carter continues to ply his trade

Here’s a piece in the the Guardian by Bob Ward, policy and communications director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Bob Ward was interviewed by Robyn Williams on The Science Show earlier this year, which was also covered by Deltoid. ……………………………………………………………………… … Continue reading Climate change sceptic Bob Carter continues to ply his trade


by CINDY on MARCH 15, 2012 (repost)

4 a.m. Bali, December 2007, the first Tuesday of the two-week UN climate talks. My phone rings, waking me up. Blearily, and a little crossly, I answer it.

I was in Bali to run Greenpeace International’s media for the meeting. The caller was someone called “John” who said he was an intern for a US NGO that I had never heard of. It was a small NGO, he said, who couldn’t come to the meeting, but “john” asked me for a copy of the UNFCCC’s media list for the meeting. Continue reading “HOW HEARTLAND LIED TO ME AND ILLEGALLY RECORDED THE LIES”

A new low for the Heartland Foundation

UPDATE – Heartland Institute removes billboards (details from the Washington Post).

In amongst the dishonest activities of the Heartland Foundation is this.  The comparison of people like you and me (people who trust the sceince on climate change) to villains and criminals.  This is a new low for a front group bent on deviously distributing misinformation about climate change.  Perhaps now people like Bob Carter from James Cook University will admit to the dishonest and deceitful nature of the Heartland Institute and will decline further funding.  Not to do this would be to endorse these deceitful anti-science tactics.

Gareth, Hot Topic:  May 4 2012

The Heartland Institute, the Chicago-based right wing think tank notorious for its coordination, organisation and funding of climate denial around the world (including New Zealand), has set new standards for bad taste by launching an advertising campaign for its upcoming climate “conference” that compares those who want action on climate change to terrorists, murderers and tyrants. Continue reading “A new low for the Heartland Foundation”

Great benefits for all, even Bob: The Heartland Scandal

An interesting story is developing around documents putatively from the Heartland Institute that outline a campaign against the science of climate change and the IPCC.  

Feb 15 2012, Graham Readfearn

Leaked financial reports and documents from a US-based think tank that denies the risks of human-caused climate change show links to an Australian academic and detail a strategy to pursue funds from corporations affected by climate policies.

The documents from the Chicago-based Heartland Institute — leaked online by climate news site DeSmogBlog — also reveal the think tank has been moulding its messages to fit the requirements of funders, contrary to its own public claims.

According to a “proposed budget” statement for 2012, Australian scientist Bob Carter will receive $1667 per month for his work on the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change — a rebuttal written by Heartland-paid scientists to question the well-regarded UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Carter’s affiliation is listed in the document as “James Cook University & Institute for Public Affairs”. Continue reading “Great benefits for all, even Bob: The Heartland Scandal”

Cardinal Pell fails to practise what he preaches.

If one elects to pontificate about scientific evidence, they owe it to their readers to survey the full body of evidence to ensure they're not disseminating misinformation.John Cook, ABC Religion and Ethics, Nov 17 2011

In a much publicised recent speech, Cardinal George Pell strongly endorsed the importance of evidence in public debate. He argues that “the debates about anthropogenic global warming can only be conducted by the accurate recognition and interpretation of scientific evidence.”

It would be hard to find anyone who would disagree with his sentiment – a proper understanding of climate must be built on a foundation of empirical observations. There’s just one problem: Cardinal Pell fails to practise what he preaches. Continue reading “Cardinal Pell fails to practise what he preaches.”