Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

4 thoughts on “Ove Hoegh-Guldberg”

  1. Ove,
    I meet you last Friday @ UQ Climate for Change.
    Various sources I have read recently (& geology 101 in 1979)allude to the world being ice free at 5°C warmer with sea levels up to 70 metres higher than current including a 20m ‘fall’ for calthrates from the sea bed.
    I am seeking reputable information source(s) for geological data that shows historical sea levels / temperature relationships
    As well, I would like to source information on the level of CO₂ concentrations that trigger an Oceanic anoxic event and the corresponding decreases in surface oxygen levels.
    WILLIAM maxwell (future foreshore property owner)


  2. Ove, what can you say about the recent CSIRO report on the reef? Please put up a post. I was there only a 2 weeks ago (off the Whitsundays). I have to admit the coral looked a bit sparse, but I am surprised by the 50% figure.


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