How Bob Carter diddled his data

9 thoughts on “How Bob Carter diddled his data”

  1. It’s a well established fact that the anonymous blogger named Tamino is Grant Foster.

    Kind of makes me suspect his motives in pretending to be a third party while boosting his own paper, but nevermind.

    My reason for writing is to ask why do you assume that the a 0.2 rise by the adjusted radiosonde data, which results in a divergence from both the SOI and the UAH, is the natural and correct temperature?


  2. But Foster et al argued that there was an extremely strong relationship between the two variables, and moreover, that an increase in the ENSO index explained 80% of the observed global warming since, i.e., they argued that ENSO caused global warming.

    Suggested correction:

    You probably meant that “McLean et al argued that” etc…


  3. I’m not sure how you can talk about “diddled data” without also talking about Hansen, Hadley/CRU “missing” original temperature data, the Mann “hockey stick” algorithm, the Siberian tree ring fraud, or the admission by NASA that the claimed “independent” NASA GISS temperature data was actually the CRU temperature data since NASA determined their temperature data set was inferior.


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