A Reef in Time

“A Reef in Time: the Great Barrier Reef from Beginning to End”

Upcoming book release from J.E.N. Veron, expert coral taxonomist (over 35 years of experience) and the principal author of over 20 books and monographs on corals including the award winning “Corals of the World” and “Corals in space and time“.

“Drawing on a lifetime of experience, Veron combines an extraordinary broad array of different sciences to portray the world’s most famous coral reef as never before. This fundamentally original book takes the reader down one path after another, showing how they are linked together in very different time-frames. The central theme, which remains constant throughout, it that the origins, history, diversity, and ultimate fate of Great Barrier Reef – as with all coral reefs – is, and always has been, controlled by global climates.

A Reef in Time determinedly sticks to its fundamental objective of weaving together multiple fields of biology, geology and climatology in ways that are easily followed by non-scientists.

The expected launch date for this book is early December.

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