Looking forwards to 2008

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology have released their seasonal temperature outlook for August to October 2007 following the Austral winter. Averaged over the next three months, the chances of increased temperatures in Queensland (and the Great Barrier Reef) are between 55 and 80% for above-normal maximum temperatures, and of increased overnight warmth between 50 and 60%.

“The pattern of seasonal temperature odds across northern Australia is a result of continuing higher than average temperatures over much of the tropical Pacific Ocean, and also in parts of the tropical and sub-tropical Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean has been warming strongly in recent months and this is the dominant influence on the outlook.”

After experiencing the warmest autumn month on record followed by one of the coldest months on record (resulting in significant bleaching of reef-flat corals as I posted here earlier this month), it’s set to be an interesting year.

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