European heatwaves have doubled since 1880

2 thoughts on “European heatwaves have doubled since 1880”

  1. Hello! I do not agree that the farmers or anyone elce has to be worried about global warming or climate change since there has always been springtime and harvest,fall,and winter shall continue before me,God said,in his word,the Holy Bible in the book of Genesis.Also there is such a thing as science falsely so called that we are to avoid,such as this and also evolution and the flat earth believe of some during the times of Galileo and even Columbus but were proved wrong when the early explorers didnt fall off the end of the earth in their boats but the circle of the earth was true in the Bible also. I believe also global Climate Change is trying to be used to raise more taxes from people deceitfully and bring in a one world government.(Revelation 13).But even better I Thessalonians 4:13-18 and John and Romans in the Bible on how to know God our Creator through The Lord Jesus Christ. Sincererly; George , or or , Thank You,very much.


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