Climate change is a war that we must fight

3 thoughts on “Climate change is a war that we must fight”

  1. The paradox is that it will take political will and significant political muscle to take climate change out of the political arena. In Britain, in spite of the Stern Report, that political will is far from evident. Indeed, even the fairly modest commitment to the EU’s renewables percentage target by 2020 is now being quietly shelved. As global manufacturing gravitates remorselessly to China, so energy saving efforts by countries like Britain – and Australia – appear puny in the face of her energy demands and coal dependence. The recent report by Lehman Brothers (see explores all the ways in which, globally, climate change might be mitigated, without disadvantage to national economies. Going it alone won’t get the bull off the ice – or won’t keep the ice under the bear. However, setting an example is a necessary condition if the big players are to be persuaded to act.


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