Coral in Crisis – Science Friday interview with Ken Caldeira

Below is a great interview by Science Friday of my colleague, Dr Ken Caldeira on the topic of ocean acidification of the worlds coral reefs (as a co-author on the recent science paper, Ken clearly echoes my sentiments on this issue) – click below to listen.

The world’s coral reefs are in great danger, threatened by climate change and rising carbon dioxide levels. In an article published in the journal Science, researchers provide provide three different scenarios for the fate of reef-building corals worldwide as they face higher concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide and the related ocean acidification that slows coral calcification, the process needed for a reef to grow. Increasing CO2 levels have the potential to greatly shift the chemistry of ocean waters, threatening the existence of most coral species.

The fragile corals also face a phenomenon known as ‘bleaching,’ caused by rising temperatures, and damage from overfishing, pollution, and oil and gas exploration. We’ll hear about the forecast for the future of the world’s coral”


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