“Stop the warming disinformation”

One of the most astute “letters to the editor” i’ve seen in a while:

Re “Gore’s cult of global alarmism,” commentary, Dec. 26: I was astounded to see The Bee print such a profoundly ignorant column about the climate change issue. Columnist Cal Thomas claims that the scientific debate on the issue hasn’t even begun, because those who believe global warming is a serious issue won’t debate with their critics.

If there was ever a scientific consensus on an issue, it’s this one. This year’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is its fourth major scientific conclusion on the issue in recent decades, and it is the most alarming yet. People like Thomas can always find a scientist or two trying to poke holes in the views of the overwhelming majority, but the truth of the climate situation is abundantly clear to anyone willing to examine the evidence.

Thomas cites a report by the Republican staff of a Senate committee. With the current Republican administration’s track record of blocking action on climate change, that is a laughable source.

Thomas even presents as fact ExxonMobil’s claims that it cares about climate change, and that it doesn’t fund global warming skeptics. Just how gullible does Thomas think we are? The time for debate is over. It’s time to get serious about addressing climate change.

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