Drilling for Oil Way, Way Offshore

3 thoughts on “Drilling for Oil Way, Way Offshore”

  1. On the home front here in Australia, we should congratulate State Premier, Anna Bligh, for banning Shale-Oil mining near the Great Barrier Reef last month http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601081&sid=aVDdxLccfuoM
    It is amazing that such mining applications are still being proposed near the Great Barrier Reef, especially when considering the greenhouse gases emissions caused by the shale-oil extraction process. We are so lucky in Australia to have the Great Barrier Reef as an icon that demands protection. However, this begs the question, “How do we promote protection of other reefs and ecosystems that are not World Heritage-listed”.


  2. You mentioned the development of a site via helicopter instead of roads, and were suckered into stating that it was smart policy. You fail to understand that development is useless without production, and the concept of extracting crude oil from the amazon via helicopter is ludicrous. Yep, they can drill a well without roads, but once the oil flows, roads and pipelines (which require roads) are the only possibilities. Delaying roads for a few months won’t help. I grant that a few roads to failed sites could be prevented, but the core issue is whether one road sufficient enough to carry tankers and logging trucks is built. Once that is done, trees will fall and the network will expand exponentially.


  3. can you tell me how much it will cost to drill in the US coral reef as opposed to drilling in the middle east? an estimate could suffice. thank you. odie


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