Grazer composition an important factor in controlling macroalgae

2 thoughts on “Grazer composition an important factor in controlling macroalgae”

  1. I found an other analysis based on this same experiment by Berkepile and Hay but it was not distinct enough to properly site and quote. I am doing a research project and was wondering if paragraph 7 was a direct quote of Hay that I could also quote, with proper citation of course. I am doing a diorama presentation of the biotic factors that influence the abiotic qualities of the reef structure. In other words a lack of herbivores = more algea = less light = dying bacteria = dying coral leading to (among other things)an unprotected and eroding shore landscape. Your comments were very helpful on the subject. -Knouff


  2. Hi Hayley,

    Thanks for the comments! The Burkepile & Hay article is Open Source ( and free to download for anyone to use. I’m not sure where the 7th paragraph is from, but you should be able to find the exact part in the article.

    Are you sure about the dying bacteria? The dying coral part usually comes from a range of effects including outcompetition, inhibition of coral recruitment and direct coral-algal interactions (often involving massive increases in bacteria! – see



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