Harbor seal debunks AGW myth

A harbor seal, presumably from the north Atlantic, showed up in Bermuda this week and effectively debunked the global conspiracy known as AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming).  William Weaver of the group Americans for Climate Truth said in a statement “scientists have reported that thousands of species were moving away from the equator, but this sighting is proof that animals are now moving towards the equator to escape the current global cooling“.  Weaver added, “this discovery overturns that IPCC “report” and the thousands of “scientific studies” that formerly supported the AGW hypothesis”.

Joel Swathmore of Save The Humans, issued a press release stating “this news comes on top of the fact that it got really freaking cold in my town a few weeks ago.  Both pieces of evidence clearly indicate we are heading into an ice age.  Saint Gore was wrong – the big worry now is how to keep the earth from freezing over. ”

Update (07/01/08): it appears that Michael Duvinak over at the Skeptics Global Warming blog doesn’t have much of a sense of humour… J. Roff

Update II (07/01/08):  OK, if it isn’t obvious, THIS IS A JOKE (although the seal story is real).  But I do think sarcasm is one way we can begin to point out the foolishness of some of the skeptic arguments.  And it isn’t uncommon to see believers of AGW make similarly dopey arguments, essentially confusing weather with climate.  “dude, what about that heat wave – must be global warming!”

8 thoughts on “Harbor seal debunks AGW myth

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  2. Well, its not surprising in my opinion. Its stories like that, that make my opinion of “skeptics” fall even lower. If it could fall lower…

  3. Hello, John — I just caught this, and think it’s hilarious. I agree — you should pitch a short column to The Onion. Might you produce a video version for JibJab?

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