A world without fish – what would it take?


A Sea Change – Imagine a World Without Fish” is a recently released documentary film about ocean acidification, the little-known ugly sister of global warming. The film website www.aseachange.net explains it “… aims not only to educate viewers about the science of our rapidly-changing oceans, but also to engage them on accessible terms.”
The full film was shown to the European Geosciences Union 2009 conference on 27 April 2009, a podcast of which is available here. After a 2 minute introduction, the film lasts for 19 minutes followed by an illuminating question and answer session.

2 thoughts on “A world without fish – what would it take?

  1. Thanks for letting us know Angela. The excerpt shown at EGU should generate a lot of interest. We’ll look forward to seeing the entire documentary.

    Congratulations on it.

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