Shifting baseline of global temperature anomalies

4 thoughts on “Shifting baseline of global temperature anomalies”

  1. Great post OHG,

    ACC skeptics seem to have made real progress convincing the public climate change isnt happening with this cherry picking tactic. I hear the same thing from most the right-leaning people I encounter; “but the earth has cooled since 1999!” – JB


  2. I am one of those “right-leaning” guys that John B. speaks of and I think that this presentation of data looks accurate. Its funny how the natural state of a scientific mind is frowned upon. “Skeptics” are not your enemy just because they may not agree with you. Show more data and more support for your theory and more will agree. Also dont leave out estimated temperatures from polar ice caps. They show not only that we are in a warming trend but that we may be close to a peak temperature period that may relatively soon (thousand years or so) be followed by an ice age. Some good stuff though.


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