Al Gore, Ove and Ian Dunlop at the Safe Climate Australia Launch

Click below for the video seminars from Al Gore, Ove and Ian Dunlop from the SCA launch last monday.  Safe Climate Australia aims to mobilise Australia’s extensive technological, economic and political expertise and resources in planning the transition of the Australian economy to zero net carbon, the sequestering of dangerous levels of existing carbon from the atmosphere, and in assisting the building of a global consensus for restoring a safe climate.

Al Gore:
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg:
and Ian Dunlop

1 thought on “Al Gore, Ove and Ian Dunlop at the Safe Climate Australia Launch

  1. Inspiring speaches, especially Al Gore. He hinted at the fact that Global Warming is a subset of the much bigger problem: global environmental change. This stems from the rapidly increasing industrial, commercial and agricultural activities of our huge population and the devastating impact it is having on natural habitiats and ecosystems that sustain us. Although these problems continue to mount, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the doom-and-gloom scenarios, there is something we can all do now without having to wait for the politicians… reduce your energy use to pre-1990 levels, buy local produce from organic farmers markets, refuse to buy unsustainable timber products etc. In other words think global, act local and educate anyone who will listen on why this needs to be done.

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