The Road to Copenhagen Part 3: seeking commitment from the G20

“G20 leaders fail on climate, as civil society challenges them to act” (TckTckTck, 27th September ’09)

It was the week that wasn’t at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, at least when it comes to seeing any strong commitment from world leaders on the issue of climate change. There was anticipation that an agreement may have been in the works to see a funding commitment to assist developing nations in reducing their dependence on fossil fuels, but it never materialized. International climate financing is a primary sticking point in the climate treaty negotiations underway in preparation for the world climate summit this December in Copenhagen.

Many TckTckTck partners spent the week making a lot of noise to drive home the point that the world’s government leaders must begin to show leadership on climate change in the run-up to Copenhagen. Greenpeace hung a massive banner (actually “massive” would be an understatement) from a Pittsburgh bridge to greet the G20 leaders on the opening day. “It is imperative that developed world leaders do not fail again in Pittsburgh. They must put money on the table to support developing countries” said Damon Moglen, Greenpeace USA’s global warming campaign director (Read more over at TckTckTck)

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