DenialDepot on climate modelling and Pacman


Pacman or GISS Model E? There is an analogy in there somewhere. Perhaps the ghosts are auditors and Pacman is a so-called “scientist” chasing and feeding off government funding grants. The big dots are IPCC award dinners.

DenialDepot is rapidly turning into one of one of my favourite blogs (see the Pacman parallel above). Read here for why climate can’t be modelled (Climate modelling. garbage in, garbage out)

The Sorry State Of Climate Modeling Today

Climate modeling today is in flux. The IPCC climate model has been falsified dozens of times. Let me unleash some words: Water, air, earth, wind, clouds, waves, ice, tides, sand, snow, grass, north, south, east, west, biological reproduction, earthquakes. It is not clear which, if any of these words are included in the so-called “climate models” and yet all of them are part of our Earth and therefore part of our climate. If I don’t know what models contain how can we trust them to correctly predict future climate?

Three Reasons Why Climate Cannot be Modeled

  1. Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory says the climate cannot be modeled unless the behavior of butterflies is taken into account (or anything of a similar size). As climate models cannot even take the behavior of entire countries into account, the whole concept of climate modelling is falsified by Chaos Theory.

  2. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle. If we cannot even be certain where one particle is, how can we be certain of the position of clouds?

  3. Another reason that climate cannot be modeled is that the climate is just too complex for man to even comprehend, although admittedly I have come very close on a number of occasions.

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