Maldives President Calls Underwater Meeting

The Maldives cabinet ministers are planning to hold a sub-aqua session to ratify a treaty calling on other nations to curb their greenhouse gas emissions. Some ministers are learning to dive for the first time for this special meeting and will be using hand signals and whiteboards to communicate underwater.

Maldivians only contributed 2.4 tonnes of greenhouse gases per capita in 2005 in comparison to Australia at 18.7 and the USA at 19.9 (source: World Resources Institute). Even considering their small contribution, Maldivians still aim to be a carbon neutral country in just 10 years – something our Australian politicians should consider as they play politics with our proposed Emissions Trading Scheme and Renewable Energy Target Bills that will only ratify a fraction of this effort. A rise in sea level between 18 and 59 centimeters will cause the Maldivians to look for refuge in neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, India or Australia.


Members of the Maldives cabinet pose with their scuba instructors near the capital Male training for a meeting 6 metres beneath the ocean surface.

2 thoughts on “Maldives President Calls Underwater Meeting

  1. Hi Alicia,

    I’m thrilled to see this message of insipration and determination spread so widely. If you haven’t seen his personal video pledge, take a look on

    “If we cannot save 350 000 Maldivians from rising seas today, then we cannot save the millions in New York, London or Mumbai tomorrow”

    I find this a stark reality and applaud his leadership and your reporting. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Colette!

    I was reading about the 350 Ultimatum (350 frisbees thrown to the beat of 350 drums) in West End that will be held on 24 October. You and Vinko also deserve applause for organising it!!

    I hope you have lots of fun getting the message out there.

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