Who has the nuttiest national politicians?

3 thoughts on “Who has the nuttiest national politicians?”

  1. “does “liberal” mean something different on the bottom of the world” um, yes John, afraid it does. Think George Bush “The Healthy Forests Initiative” (more logging) “Clean skies initiative” (more air pollution) “no child left behind” (less money for education) and so on. The Liberal Party of Australia (totally neoconservative) is in the same naming tradition. Yes, you will feel right at home, and that’s before you meet our shock jocks (just like your shock jocks) the Murdoch Press (oh that’s right, you know about that), our evangelical political movements (oh, you too?), La Rouche conspiracy theorists (ditto), gun lobby (not yet as powerful as the NRA, but like the little red engine …), etc. The only difference you will see, in fact, other than a half-way decent health service, is that we all speak perfect Queen’s English, while you, I am guessing, have some form of colonial dialect, so some of our people (Martin Ferguson, Pauline Hanson, Warren Truss) might have a little difficulty understanding what you say.


  2. Several people had told me that Australia was exactly like the US, as it was 20 years ago. I did notice how manly the society was. Your bacon seems more like a slab of raw pork that proper bacon. And good coffee to go and free wireless seem years away. But I noted a few signs of progressive thinking when I was there last year, one being premixed drinks in to go cans! My friends here in the states marveled at the ingenuity of putting the bourbon and the coke together, in a can for convenient consumption. Brilliant!


  3. “Excuse me, but does “liberal” mean something different on the bottom of the world, like maybe, “conservative” or “totally uninformed”? Is Australia like, opposite world?”

    It does mean something different due to the long and twisted history of liberalism. Whereas in the US, ‘liberal’ is close in meaning to ‘social progressive’, elsewhere ‘liberal’ stands for ‘economic liberal’. Liberal parties usually argue for unfettered markets, therefore for as little regulations on business and industry as possible, which explains the stance of non-US liberals against GHG emissions controls.


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