Climate change is a “left-wing conspiracy to de-industrialise the world”

4 thoughts on “Climate change is a “left-wing conspiracy to de-industrialise the world””

  1. What gets to me about this meme is the underlying assumption that anything that threatens unchecked industrialization and resource exploitation is somehow bad. I personally like the idea of living simply, of allowing other species to co-exist, and having a chance of one day seeing a live bluefin tuna outside of an aquarium. The idea loses luminance every time James Inhofe opens his mouth.

    “innate fears” about making our own planet uninhabitable should not be exploited, nor should they be ignored. They should be paid very close attention to, because thousands of the smartest and most diligent people in the world are the ones who are worried about it.


  2. It’s been about communication for a long time. And now we’re in time where a cash-strapped media is thin on the ground and much less able to communicate complex issues. Ten years ago there were loads of enviro-focused media, now few remain. This leaves the communication field wide open to vested interests opposing any changes no matter how solid the science is.


  3. Sorry guys, but you are not convincing. Even the high priests of global warming and IPCC orthodoxy are having qualms of conscience (99.9% certainty).

    Dr Kevin Trenberth, “The fact is we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.”

    There is indeed another way to look at this. See:

    “innate fears” about making our own planet uninhabitable are a bit like the doctrine of ‘original sin’. Try to be calm. Just settle down.


  4. I prefer to follow refer to the huge scientific consensus within the peer-reviewed literature as opposed to rely on the interpretation of a few legally hacked e-mails or an offhand opinion of a single scientist. The second issue that you might want to be aware of, is that proof of climate change does not come down to a single set of data. This isn’t just a few of your so-called “high priests” that hold a single all important data set, but rather scores of independent data sets and thousands of the world’s best scientists. Hard to beat actually. Not to understand this is stunningly revealing about the lack of understanding of some of our senior coalition politicians.


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