British National Party to represent EU at Copenhagen


The Guardian reports with the news that Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National party, is set to represent the European parliament at the Copenhagen climate change conference next week. A bit of background: the BNP is the British ‘far-right’ political party that restricts its membership to British people of “Caucasian origin“, who seek to return Britain to a ‘white ethnicity’ that existed prior to the 1940’s. With such a platform, it was quite a surprise when two members of the BNP (under leader Nick Griffin) were elected in 2009 to become part of the European parliament. Here are a few of Griffin’s viewpoints:

“We believe not just that our people are different from others, but that such genuine diversity is worth preserving. It is not a matter of ‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’.”

“I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat…I have reached the conclusion that the ‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter day witch-hysteria.”

“You need to look at the KORAN. Don’t believe what the papers say about Islam being a peace loving religion… Believe us, Islam is the biggest threat Britain has ever faced – Read the Koran and you’ll find out the truth“

Concerned? You should be. The BNP seems willing to accept environmental issues when they can advance their anti-immigration policies – for example, they claim their policies will reduce carbon dioxide levels by reducing the number of immigrants in Britain using roads, cars, trains and buses.

Here is what Griffin had to say in a speech to the British parliament last week:

Griffin denounced those who warn of the consequences of climate change as “cranks”. He said they had reached “an Orwellian consensus” that was “based not on scientific agreement, but on bullying, censorship and fraudulent statistics”.

“The anti-western intellectual cranks of the left suffered a collective breakdown when communism collapsed. Climate change is their new theology… But the heretics will have a voice in Copenhagen and the truth will out. Climate change is being used to impose an anti-human utopia as deadly as anything conceived by Stalin or Mao.”

To quote Tim Yeo (chairman of the British Commons environmental audit committee):

“If the future prosperity of the human race, in the face of climate change, depends on the contributions of people like Nick Griffin, there is little hope for any of us.”

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  1. I take it you haven’t heard about the leaked emails and the destroyed data on climate change/global warming.
    Or the thousands of scientists, (3,000 in USA alone) that oppose man made climate change.
    Of course changing your name from Global Warming (cooling) to Climate change, you can’t lose, as the climate is always changing, always has been.

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