Google is in on the conspiracy too!

Ever wondered why nobody takes the claims of the ‘blogosphere’ all too seriously? Cause apparently, according to the latest headlines, Google is actively censoring the BIGGEST HOAX OF OUR LIFETIME.

Google blocking ‘climategate’ autosuggestion
Google appears to be censoring climate emails searches
Climategate: Googlegate?
“Climategate” surpasses “Global Warming” on Google
Climategate: The IPCC Scumbags of Fraud Achieve New Record, In Google

According to one blog:

The search engine was blocking the word “climategate” from its autosuggestion routines, and appears to be still doing so.

Screenshots show that when a user tries to spell out the word “climategate,” even when he spells it out almost completely, the Google routine fails to suggest the word–unless that word is part of the user’s prior search-engine history. Instead, the autosuggestion routine returns “Climate Guatemala” and “Climate Guatemala City.”

Clearly this is CENSORSHIP!@#$!@#$!

Given the power of Google to restrict access to information in such an insidious way, it actually begs for a formal investigation.

Indeed! Hang them for treason! It’s just all one big conspiracy. Especially because AL GORE IS IN ON THE CONSPIRACY TOO AS A SENIOR ADVISOR TO GOOGLE.

Despite the attempts to sensationalize the CRU email hack (“climategate”, no points for originality there), this will eventually die a quiet if not prolonged death – just like the last great scandal over the Yamal data, which turned out to be a not so smoking gun either (despite the amount of noise generated). Meanwhile, see this great post by John Bruno (“You want data? You can’t handle the data!“) about how wrong the meme of “those scientists won’t share their data” really is, and check out the Real Climate list of availible data here.

Update: Google appears not to be so active in their censorship here in Australia.


3 thoughts on “Google is in on the conspiracy too!

  1. Pretty soon, only Google will have the computing power to just track all of these nutty conspiracy theories. Their life cycle seems to be getting shorter and shorter! I wonder if you could quantify that?

  2. Ah yeah not so much in the US either:

    I think scientists should take their medicine here though and learn their lessons rather than defensively retreating into the ivory tower. Cleary Jones et al have done that already and this will not help the broader goals of wider public scientific understanding, and wise policy choices one bit!

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