Nice post about ocean acidification on ClimateProgress


There is a nice post about ocean acidification over at ClimateProgress.  It includes several videos from Jane Lubchencho’s congrestional testimony on climate change and ocean acidification.

The full hearing is online here.


There is also a quote from Ove and a link to another good story on the Christian Science monitor.

Corals and plankton with chalky skeletons are at the base of the marine food web. They rely on sea water saturated with calcium carbonate to form their skeletons. However, as acidity intensifies, the saturation declines, making it harder for the animals to form their skeletal structures (calcify).

Analysis of coral cores shows a steady drop in calcification over the last 20 years,” says Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg of CoECRS and the University of Queensland. “There’s not much debate about how it happens: put more CO2 into the air above and it dissolves into the oceans.

When CO2 levels in the atmosphere reach about 500 parts per million, you put calcification out of business in the oceans.” (Atmospheric CO2 levels are presently 385 ppm, up from 305 in 1960.)

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