Fox News hosts and reporters routinely lie about global warming: a round up by Media Matters

The media watchdog site Media Matters for America, has an ongoing series following lies and distortions about climate change and AGW in the media.

Take a gander at their recent roundup, particularly of the lies made by Fox news anchors and reporters, and you begin to see why so many people don’t believe the earth is warming or think it is cooling!

Fox News averaged 2.187 million total viewers in primetime for the year [2009], up 7% from 2008 and enough to place 3rd among all cable channels. In total day, the network averaged 1.192 million total viewers.

Just a short list of silly misinformed arguments outright lies recently made by Fox:

1) It’s cold outside = the earth is cooling!

2) The CIA is diverting funds from the war on terrorism to climate change research!

3) The Earth is cooling! Most scientists don’t believe humans are causing global warming (HEY! Wait a minute.  Isn’t there an inconsistency in this argument?!  The earth is cooling AND humans are not causing the warming?)

4) The earth isn’t warming!

5) 2009 was the coldest year on record!

See this list of documented lies and distortions on Fox news programs since Dec. 23, 2009 (just in the last two weeks!):

See some of the video clips Media Matters has collected below:

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