Global-average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly +0.72 deg C for January 2010

Whilst DrĀ Roy Spencer cautions that these data are “hot off the satellite” and hence are still being analyzed (and may be revised), they indicate that January may be the warmest within the 32 year record of the UAH global temperature record (a stunning +.13C warmer than the previous warmest January on record).

3 thoughts on “Global-average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly +0.72 deg C for January 2010

  1. One month’s data doesn’t make a trend but the trend, over the life of these satellite observations is +0.154 degrees C per decade and incrementally the latest data moved it up fraction. Definitely warming despite the popular denialist claims that shorter term (since a hot spike in 1998 but don’t mention el Nino) “shows” cooling.

    This Data is processed by one of the few publishing climate scientists who publicly expresses belief (but has failed to successfully show in any published scientific papers) that warming is predominately natural.

    Actually, Spencer sounds just like many other AGW denialists, despite his credentials, and despite publishing a dataset that shows clear warming. The best that can be said is that such an open supporter of the “it’s mostly natural but we just can’t prove it” faction looks unlikely to fudge the figures in favour of warming – as if it were possible to do so with every bit of climate data subject to intense scrutiny. But if the RSS dataset continues to confirm a warming trend he may find himself subject to the same accusations, insinuations and hostile FOI demands that other climate scientists have to put up with.

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