Phil Jones and ‘climategate’: “The leak was bad. Then came the death threats.”

3 thoughts on “Phil Jones and ‘climategate’: “The leak was bad. Then came the death threats.””

  1. Is there some way this site can express support for Phil Jones? I am happy to put my name first on some kind of petition or just a supportive letter to him. And his granddaughter. Any takers?


  2. In December, after the stolen emails were posted and turned into Something-Gate on blogs and Fox News, came this forceful response backing the integrity of climate science from 1700 UK scientists from 55 universities:

    Statement from the UK Science Community

    It states: “We, members of the UK science community, have the utmost confidence in the observational evidence for global warming and the scientific basis for concluding that it is due primarily to human activities. The evidence and the science are deep and extensive. They come from decades of painstaking and meticulous research, by many thousands of scientists across the world who adhere to the highest levels of professional integrity. That research has been subject to peer review and publication, providing traceability of the evidence and support for the scientific method”

    I’m very pleased to see Prof. Jones getting to address how this began as a concerted attack on him and his work, to admit that his *reaction* to that attack was not the best, and still to reaffirm that none of that changes anything about the data itself. Despite the over-played histrionics from the contrarians, nobody has found a shred of evidence that Dr. Jones or anyone else altered or concealed any temperature data in producing their published works and the IPCC reports. The warming trend is there in many independent lines of evidence, and no amount of online shouting can make that go away.


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