Plastics and the Public Periphery

2 thoughts on “Plastics and the Public Periphery”

  1. Note plenty of rubbish on the Great Barrier Reef even in the far northern, supposedly ‘pristine’ part – see Haynes, D. 1997 Marine debris on continental islands and sand cays in the Far Northern Section of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia. Marine Pollution Bulletin 34, 276-279. There’s been some action by GBRMPA on preventing dumping in the Marine Park since then so perhaps things may have improved since David Haynes did this work?


  2. This is because the science on marine debris – unlike that of climate change – is not really in yet. Though there’s plenty of evidence for megafauna that, for example, entanglement is bad, we have very little evidence on the impact of microplastic, which is what makes up the vast majority of the debris in the North Pacific Gyre. We’re working on it!


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