Denialist Agenda (Part 2): Who is orchestrating the cyber-bullying?

9 thoughts on “Denialist Agenda (Part 2): Who is orchestrating the cyber-bullying?”

  1. Get this through your thick head. The skeptics have been fighting AGW for years now; and many AGW Believers are now awakening to the false statements, exaggerated claims of devastation, fear mongering and political agendas which have been hiding behind climate science. So yes they have been sending irate emails and threats. They realize now they have been HAD and that they are becomming skeptics too, after years of taunting them. The trust people had in science is damaged. The public is MAD!!! This is going to get worse before it gets better.


  2. Thanks Klem for that thoughtful insight. Now take a look at this:

    And tell me what you see. Does it tell you anything? Like, for beginners, all your “skeptic” harping about this winter being especially cold is totally bogus?

    Every latitude on earth in January 2010 was warmer than the climatological (1951-1980) average. I.e., this was an anomalously warm winter in the N hemisphere and summer in the S hemisphere.

    Do facts like that penetrate your think head? Would anything at all convince you?



  3. The proposition that the public is actually mad is largely made up by the denialist movement … a convenient device to imply that somehow the science has been overturned and we are now seeing the truth. All part of an orchestrated campaign. Hopefully this phase in the world’s history will pass when the money supporting these cranks runs out.


  4. Get this through your thick head

    Ahh fresh from Bolts blog eh Klem? Klem translator: “I want you to come to accept my crude beliefs on science as truth & I also want you to accept lies about AGW & start believing the propaganda I believe in……otherwise I will beat it into you”.

    “The skeptics have been fighting” (insert you appropriate text here, some choices are)

    1) Science
    2) Evolution
    3) Vaccines
    4) Stem cell research
    5) That smoking is good
    6) The use of frontal lobes

    and many AGW Believers are now awakening to the false statements

    Like who?

    and political agendas

    Like what? Conservative & right wing columnists, bloggers, AM commercial talk back hosts, fox news & most conservative parties are doing a fine job of showing their political agenda.


  5. Sadly, lefties are not immune to anti-science from-the-gut fervor either, eg, the anti-vaccine crowd includes a lot of really liberal people. A lot of my AGW-beliving friends are convinced vaccines cause allergies, autism, ADD, etc, dont believe flue shots work, etc.

    Something about human nature…


  6. Sadly, lefties are not immune to anti-science from-the-gut fervor either, eg, the anti-vaccine crowd includes a lot of really liberal people

    Totally agree. It appears to come from the alternate health industry, who of course want us to spend less on western medicine & more on eastern medicine & alternate therapies. Most of the anti vax theories seem to come from homeopathists & chriopractors. Strange how we dont see teams of them decending on Africa to show their stuff. They create pockets of free riders who dont get immunized & depend on those around them who are immunized for protection, then complain if someone gets whooping cough & exclaim “see, immunization doesnt work!”…..sigh.

    Then there is the anti evolutionists & atheist vs creationist/intelligent design debates where you see thousands of DMCA’s being sought on you tube to take down atheist videoes & the rise of Ben Steins movie “Expelled, No intelligence allowed” :

    Where they complain similarly to climate skeptic scientists that their views/papers/opinions are being censored or blocked. They have managed to get a huge following of people outraged that religious opinion is not allowed to infiltrate scientific knowledge & fact. The same sorts of debates are seen as with the climate change debates with are seen with panels of opposing scientists arguing that we should be accepting an alternate theory to darwinism….

    Like the AGW skeptics they just dont get it. Rhetoric is not science.


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