Climate change in Australia’s tropical waters and the threat to the Reef

Ove is presenting at the Universities Australia National Policy Forum tomorrow at Parliment House, Canberra, along with Dr Blair Trewin, Professor Roger Jones, Professor John Quiggin and quite a few other leading authorities on climate change. The forum is being webcast to journalists, so hopefully we will be able to put a feed up here (or at least a synopsis of the days happenings).

What is the reality of climate change in Australia? What does the science show? What changes are already happening? How are farmers, land managers and the environment responding?

Leading researchers will report on:

§ The evidence of climate change in Australia today: in the climate record; in agriculture; in the environment

§ Predictions on the future of climate change and its impact on Australia – exploring the certainties and uncertainties

§ The challenges of communicating the science and of bridging scientific knowledge and public policy

§ The social and economic impact of climate change and the opportunities for Australia to respond, creating jobs and a sustainable future.

The Forum seeks to reach out to MPs, their advisers and the media; we are also inviting a range of stakeholders from agriculture, NGOs and others.

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