Climategate: Russian secret service blamed for hack

4 thoughts on “Climategate: Russian secret service blamed for hack”

  1. The Russian thing is nonsense. The comments and links which first announced “” to the world came from IP addresses in a number of countries, and simply reflect the hacker’s use of free webspace and anonymizing “proxies” from around the world.

    The real clue to the perpetrators is found in the filenames of the emails. They indicate reprocessing in a North American timezone. I don’t have a perfect description of the details to hand but see e.g. the discussion here

    and the reference to the “time offset… on the zipped files” indicating Eastern Standard Time, i.e. east-coast America. And of course, the US is where you would really expect a “highly sophisticated, politically motivated” attack of this kind to be organized.


    1. Hey Mitchell,

      Yeah, i’m inclined to agree. It’s not hard to guess at the likely perpetrators, but the whole “Russian secret service” is an interesting stance..


  2. Exactly, Mitchell.

    The hack was coordinated by the so-called “left wing” of the inner circle of M&M (of Climate Audit). They have (costly) dedicated secure communications networks and are tightly organised. They commissioned Russian freelance hackers to get the files, then sorted and prepared them for release.

    Evidence for this has been given to the Norfolk police investigating, though they seem truly out of their depth on this one.


  3. Hey sadlyAware,

    Speculation is entertaining, but do you have anything to back that up with? Otherwise wild accusations are no worse than anything you’d read on skeptical science.


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