Class Dissection: Lord Christopher Monckton lies exposed.

As we have previously outlined, Lord Christopher Monckton has lied about his membership of Parliament, and his role in winning the Falklands War for Margaret Thatcher. Here, Professor John Abraham from the School of Engineering (University of St Thomas, Minnesota) does an excellent job of dissecting Lord Christopher Monckton’s deceit on climate change. What is pretty amazing is that not a single one of Monckton’s claims stand up to scrutiny. If you have 60 minutes, sit down and listen to this revealing talk.

5 thoughts on “Class Dissection: Lord Christopher Monckton lies exposed.

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  4. Why on earth would anyone seriously believe anything of what ‘Lord’ Monckton rambles on about? He has no qualifications in any brand of science, let alone the science of Global Warming.

    He has unfortunately inherited the title of Lord which has since been withdrawn. The fact is, he is nothing more than a vaudeville clown who sprouts hatred for those who are ‘gullible’ enough to believe the indisputeable science which tells us that unless we act to reduce our carbon emissions, life on earth will be far less pleasant.

    A smart person would take notice of the experts-not egotistical journos-and side with caution.Christopher Monckton should be assigned to the sideshows where he belongs.

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