Skeptically speaking: question everything.

Here’s a great interview with the (near legendary!) John Cook, the man behind the scenes at Skeptical Science. Here’s what John has to say:

Skeptically Speaking is a fantastic radio show with the slogan “Question everything”. Hosted by Desiree Shell (and with a catchy jingle, note to Doug Moutal), the show is committed to the skepticism community (by skepticism, they mean a basis on scientific evidence, not misinformation or ideology). Last Sunday, they aired a show, The Evidence for Climate Change, featuring an interview with myself. You can download the whole show straight from the website or subscribe to the Skeptically Speaking podcast (I know I have, can’t get enough science podcasts).

The interview goes for nearly 40 minutes where they throw a bunch of global warming skeptic arguments at me: the sun, Climategate, the hockey stick, ice age predictions in the 1970s, the difference between weather and climate, extreme weather and so on. I also managed to slip in “Human CO2 is tiny” as it was still fresh in my head after last week’s podcast. Hopefully it’s worth a listen and I recommend adding Skeptically Speaking to your list of podcasts.

Here’s a link to the audio:


1 thought on “Skeptically speaking: question everything.

  1. What a fantastically lucid presentation of the arguments by John, good job.

    Some of the analogies he uses are great. I like how he calmly counters each claim without any theatrics or arm waving you would typically hear in a Monckton or Bob Carter interview.

    I like the bit also about how how people look at the sun & think, look at the size of that thing & how much heat it generates, how could humans surpass that?!! Also the caller who mentioned when you do a google search on global warming, you nearly always get denier sites. Why is that? People like Anthony Watts would say its because they are soooo popular. But yeah, its called google optimization. Like what BP did recently with Google, Bing & Yahoo, so anyone searching for the words bp & oil spill, would be directed to the BP website in their first 10 searches.

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