Watts Up With That? Tour hits an obstacle: the truth.

I have just returned from a series of off-campus meetings to find that there has been little excitement in my absence.  Apparently, I have been portrayed as some sort of hothead who tried to interfere with the “Watts up with that?” tour by denialists Anthony Watts, David Archibald and Bob Carter.

“Unprofessional and arrogant academic interrupts poor old denialist weatherman.”  Goodness– that does sound believable.  That is until one examines the complete audio record, which my trusty ‘photographer’ (Dr. John Bruno) and I were able to obtain.

What transpired was triggered by some inconvenient questions John and I that I asked during question time.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Judge for yourself – here are my responses to the following outlandish claims:

a.    Bob Carter: “billions of dollars had been spent and the scientific community has not come to a consensus”  Have a listen.  How hostile do I sound?  Persistent yes, but that is something else.


b.    David Archibald: “Ocean acidification is the last resort of the global warming  scoundrel”. Yep – he said it.  Have a listen (yes, I do get a little hot under the collar – but who wouldn’t.  After all, Oilman Dave had essentially called me corrupt.)


By the way, I tried to say hello to Anthony when I arrived, but he turned his back on me.  So much for a friendly discussion.  Who are these people?

56 thoughts on “Watts Up With That? Tour hits an obstacle: the truth.

  1. Monckton on the other hand sells newspapers. People seem to like Monckton for the showbiz element, and don’t really care much about the specifics of what he’s saying as long as it sounds like something that agrees with their general world view.

    He is is similar to Bjorn Lomborg. Quite enigmatic & entertaining. They draw people in like the Nuremburg rallies, Jonestown ( cool aid), Benny Hinn & John Edwards. People rarely ask questions & ignore that little voice that says so much here just isnt adding up.

    It makes me wonder how to deal with the Monkton effect

    I believe he is dealing with the Monckton circus himself far better than we ever could. With statements like this on the Alex Jones show.

    2:42 “They still intend to take freedom & democracy away forever & president Obama & the administration will do everything they can to make sure the UN re- the global government is cemented into place, so that your constitution will no longer matter & so that freedom, democracy & prosperity will be gone forever”


  2. Hi Phil M; I take it you are referring to John E of my my current town and state, Chapel Hill, NC. I agree completely; he took us left-wingers in almost to a Monkton-esque degree. I remember having a big fight with my right-wing parents defending poor John-boy was I a dope on that one. He has turned into the laughing stock of Chapel Hill and we all shudder to think of what would have happened had he been nominated or elected. We all have to be vigilant of such hucksters.


  3. Hi Phil M; I take it you are referring to John E of my my current town and state, Chapel Hill, NC.

    No, I was talking about this one, I mistakenly added the “s” on the end:


    I hadnt actually heard much of the John Edwards political campaign & any controversies except the extra marital affair.


  4. Somewhere I thought the term “denier” was a person who disregards the existence of the Holocaust. Not as a simple word but almost a phrase in itself to describe a person in denial one of most brutal genocides of the last century.
    I see this word used many times within the the above comments. What is the reason?


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