And while Watts tours, global warming continues.

2 thoughts on “And while Watts tours, global warming continues.”

  1. DeSmog on “crock of the week” also pointed out that even when you compare the data from the very good stations to that of the poorer stations, you don’t get a a significant difference in the data. He also only looks at stations from the US and as you’ve stated before, only brushes off the high correlation of ground station and satellite. All he’s managed to do is cause the expense of installing new stations and created unmerited doubt in a time of change.
    Like Monckton, the only way that this guy managed to make a name for himself is by telling people what they want to hear, rather than the truth.
    BTW, my vote went to your blog on the Big Blog Theory contest. I hope you do well – it’s one of my favorites!


  2. Is the Proposed Trans Global Highway a solution for population concerns and global warming?
    One tremendous solution to future population concerns as well as alleviating many of the effects of potential global warming is the Frank Didik proposal for the construction of the “Trans Global Highway”. The Didik proposed Trans Global Highway would create a world wide network of standardized roads, railroads, water pipe lines, oil and gas pipelines, electrical and communication cables. The result of this remarkable, far sighted project will be global unity through far better distribution of resources, including including heretofore difficult to obtain or unaccessible raw materials, fresh water, finished products and vastly lower global transportation costs.
    With greatly expanded global fresh water distribution, arid lands could be cultivated resulting in a huge abundance of global food supplies. The most conservative estimate is that with the construction of the Trans Global Highway, the planet will be able to feed between 14 and 16 Billion people, just using presently available modern farming technologies. With a present global population of just under 7 billion people and at the United Nations projection of population increase, the world will produce enough food surpluses to feed the expected increased population for the next 425 years. Thomas Robert Malthus’s famous dire food shortage predictions of 1798 failed to take into consideration modern advances in farming, transportation, food storage and food abundance. Further information on the proposed Trans Global Highway can be found at .


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