Many Liberal-National Party politicians have trouble understanding climate change.

5 thoughts on “Many Liberal-National Party politicians have trouble understanding climate change.”

  1. I am a bit taken aback at your expressed surprise over the party differences on climate change awareness. In the US, there has been a widening gap between Democrats and Republicans for many years, as illustrated by Climate-Change Views: Republican-Democratic Gaps Expand: Sharp divergence on whether the effects of global warming are yet evident, by Riley E. Dunlap, Gallup Scholar for the Environment. (

    The research you have carried out with Kelly Fielding and others is highly important for bringing the political issue into an Australian context, but it simply confirms what has long been identified as an issue in the US.

    One could quote other international sources showing a politicized attitude to climate change, dividing “conservatives” and “progressives”. We both agree that the problem of overcoming the power of climate denialism is getting increasingly urgent, which makes the research so important. But unfortunately the findings are not surprising.



  2. Thank you Hans. I think that is a fair comment. My surprise is not so much about the fact that there is a broad gap between political ideologies, but rather that there is such a large number of coalition politicians who plainly state that they do not go to climate change scientists to get information on this issue. To me, this position doesn’t seem a particularly tenable position from a logical point of view and I would not have expected them not to admit it so freely.


  3. “Labor politicians are more influenced by scientists than Liberal/National politicians – 85% of Labor politicians are highly influenced by this group compared to 44% of Liberal/National politicians,” Dr Fielding said.

    I watched that ABC lateline report & when I saw that percentage of conservative politicians at 44% & was hoping the question was going to be asked that was begging. If you aren’t influenced by the scientists, then who ARE you influenced by? Lobby groups? Bloggers? Journalists?

    Do they apply the same logic to other professions? For medical, engineering, legal, economical, military etc etc, ask the bloggers & journalists?


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