Why Don’t Republicans Believe in Climate Change?

One thought on “Why Don’t Republicans Believe in Climate Change?”

  1. I’ve long suspected the knee-jerk reaction from the political right early on was to assume wild exaggeration from the loudest political voices calling for action – the green/left – and make this about opposing unrealistic environmental regulation. Having sold this line to their voter support base they face serious credibility issues themselves with any attempt at abandoning that approach and treating the issue as serious. Add to that a general lack – within their general political preference for low tax, low regulation on business – of policy options suited to effectively dealing with it and they’ve found themselves tied to a position that’s untenable in the long term. Yet it has strong attraction amongst business interests that especially prefer a lack of taxes and regulation on the issue as well as amongst a voter base that bought the story that it was a green/left beat-up. It must pose a deep dilemma for politicians and political parties on the right – one potentially able to result in a deep division and split – so much so that avoiding being well informed probably looks like good short term politics.

    I would note that having strong acceptance of the problem has not led to effective policy from Australia’s ALP, rather it has led to a lot of the right sounding noises whilst there remains a deep reluctance to mess with an economy – and growing government revenue – increasingly buoyed by fossil fuel extraction and export.


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