Silencing the scientists: the rise of right-wing populism

6 thoughts on “Silencing the scientists: the rise of right-wing populism”

  1. Ove,

    Sorry to hear this witch-hunt has reached you personally. Even in climate related blogging is nasty; a number of people have been approached simply because they know me and I’ve become aware of some individuals stirring up hatred towards me on other sites (to others who had otherwise never heard of me). It’s frightening how little any of this has to do with science and is more emotionally fuelled.
    I’ve contemplated closing down my site on a number of occasions and now don’t name or provide images of people I know personally. First and foremost I chose my career path and to promote adaptation and innovation because of my son. The hatred I’ve witnessed and has been targeted at me now worries me more.
    Do you think I would be able to obtain permission to re-port this? It’s an excellent article.


    1. Thanks Tim. I’m sure you can re-port this article. Clive really wants people to understand what’s going on and I would think he would be only too pleased to have it re-ported on your site. Keep up the good work.


  2. “This makes deniers immune to argument, and their influence will wane only as they grow old and die.”

    Such a sad indictment on the capacity of humanity to learn. Unfortunately, only too true.
    We don’t have the time to wait though do we. And this movement appears to be gaining momentum at present. Polarizing opinion and driving opposition to more desperate measures.

    How do we maintain our grasp on freedom in the face of such a challenge?


  3. Know this: you also have a lot of support, and personally scientist standing up against this crap is a big inspiration to me.

    I refuse to let these maniacs win, and I honestly don’t think they will.


  4. all too depressing – i want to hear news that proves me wrong about most people’s seeming lack of clarity of thought, lack of compassion for other creatures, and overall self-centredness. unfortunately this article only underlines my own sinking feeling about the state of the planet – pace AGWeird above, who is able to maintain some optimism.

    thanks for continuing to speak out…


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