Climate Commission science update released

4 thoughts on “Climate Commission science update released”

  1. Minchin in that article “Given we are responsible for about one per cent of the world’s emissions of CO2 … anything Australia does will be utterly pointless and have no impact whatsoever on the global climate.”

    Read someone elsewhere remarking that this is the “shoplifter’s argument”.

    ‘My little screwdriver/ Tshirt/ DVD doesn’t matter. A shop won’t notice just one of these things missing from the shelf.’

    I fully expect a senator to see the flaws in this feeble argument. So I can’t believe Nick Minchin doesn’t really understand how the same principle applies in relation to emissions. (Or any other pollution, rubbish, overflow issue.)

    It’s very simple. If we all behave this way, we’ll wreck the place.


  2. Actually, rather than shop-lifting, I prefer to contrast our approach to dealing with global terrorism.

    After 9/11, Australia could have sat back and said, “we only have a small fraction of the global population and we aren’t being attacked by terrorists so why should we take any action?” For good measure we could have added, “we won’t do anything to combat global terrorism until China acts.”

    We don’t take that approach to global terrorism. We shouldn’t take it for responding to the global threat of climate change.


  3. A follow-up link:

    “Julia Gillard’s key climate-change adviser, Will Steffen, has warned that nothing short of securing an effective global agreement to tackle climate change can save the reef, while one of the world’s leading reef scientists, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, has said Australia will be left with “the great weedy reef” unless the world cuts emissions.”


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