Impassioned Turnbull defends climate change science.

One thought on “Impassioned Turnbull defends climate change science.”

  1. Good on Malcolm – but his views haven’t gotten endorsement from the rest of his party. On the contrary they feel so buoyed by the polls that I would not be surprised if the insincere commitment to the very modest (and wholly inadequate) 2020 target gets dropped before the next election. Just last night on Q&A I heard a senior Coalition polly complaining that Bob Carter was not being given a fair go by the ABC – I think it’s indicative of Coalition support for the campaigns undermining public trust in Climate Change Science. Even if a substantial number of Coalition members privately have concerns that their parties have taken a wrong turn they seem okay with keeping their views to themselves for the sake of short term political advantage. They are letting Australia down big time by their silence.


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