Even more voting opportunities.

Worried about climate change? Furious about the carbon tax? Confused about the science? Walkley-award winning journalist Michael Bachelard will lead The Sunday Age team investigating the 10 most popular questions on OurSay which will be featured and updated on The Age’s Climate Agenda website.

Go here to vote which question you would like to have investigated.  The one starting “There are some very vocal and seemingly influential climate change sceptics …” is a particularly interesting question in the light of what we have seen over the last 12 months!

2 thoughts on “Even more voting opportunities.

  1. Last week at the WA Liberal Party state conference, delegates voted overwhelmingly in favour of a royal commission into the science of climate change. Much better idea.

    Note how the ABC reported this story:

    “At yesterday’s WA Liberal Party state conference, delegates voted overwhelmingly in favour of a royal commission.

    Dr Mal Washer has described the move as stupid and senseless. ”

    they publish Mal Washer’s opinion even though he wasn’t even at the vote!! And they say the ABC isn’t biased!


  2. Bring on the wide ranging inquiry – as long as includes the links between corporate interests, their tame think tanks, their tame media opinionators, tame ‘scientists’ and tame politicians. Much more manipulation of data and outright deception in the denier camp than within the scientific community. I would take a bit of unsavoury delight in seeing the release of the emails of the ‘high priests’ of climate science denial released and gone over for evidence of collusion to promote the ‘right’ results over ‘real’ results.

    That kind of Royal Commission isn’t going to happen because enough in the Coalition camp know perfectly well the science is solid – and that the threads of conspiracy to mislead and deceive the body politic lead, via their major corporate supporters, to themselves.

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