Bob Carter responds.

After being identified as being someone who will receive  $1667 per month from Heartland Institute (which is supported by fossil fuel interests and seeks to undermine the science of climate change), Adjunct Prof Bob Carter from James Cook University has responded “The details of any of these payments are private to me. I can’t imagine that Heartland has released this document”.  He has not denied receiving payments.  Here is what The Sydney Morning Herald,  The Guardian and The Economist  are reporting about this scandal.  Further confirmation and details from reporters at The Guardian.

Update:  “The Heartland Institute has confirmed in a prepared statement that it mistakenly emailed its board materials to an anonymous third party – confirming the source of the documents released here on the DeSmogBlog yesterday.”  Read more here.

3 thoughts on “Bob Carter responds.

  1. Bob Carter has been caught out as a denier and liar for hire. Paid not to conduct any research, but to hold up scientific research,spread propaganda and misinform.

    I agree with Stuart. Carter opposes science and should be shown the door of JCU.

    • I am not one to propose how James Cook University should respond. The implication that scientific opinion has been bought from someone who has yet to test his proclamations about climate change in the peer-reviewed literature is extremely serious. Perhaps there is a need for an objective enquiry to clarify what has occurred here and whether or not James Cook University should be associated with such conduct.

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