2010 is the hottest year yet.

4 thoughts on “2010 is the hottest year yet.”

  1. Wow, so you’re saying 1998 wasn’t unusual after all. Amazing, this will come as a shock to many alarmist faithful, actually I’ll wager they will deny it.

    How long must greenie environmentalists observe normal climate variability before they will finally admit that they have been observing normal climate variability?


    1. No, the implications are quite the opposite. Clearly, you need to spend more time trying to understand the science and spend less time name calling!


      1. I guess you’re right.

        Was it ‘alarmist faithful’ or ‘greenie’ terms which were the name calling?

        What would be better terms to use to refer to these folks? I will use the correct terms next time.



  2. I would feel it far more likely that the charlatans would seize an adjustment to the data as “tampering with the record” rather than merely setting the record straight. For these people, with nothing more than high school science behind them, global temperature records are nothing more than a collection of thermometers being read regularly. All they think that should happen is a bit of simple ‘rithmetic to work out the average! If we don’t know what the global average was in 1998 then we don’t know anything!

    At least that’s how I suspect their processes work.


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