” Climate change isn’t something to be believed or disbelieved”

2 thoughts on “” Climate change isn’t something to be believed or disbelieved””

  1. This article gets one thing wrong. At minimum we have to adapt to 2C of warming? Such an assumption is rubbish. Temperature hasn’t changed in the past 10 years, and indications are that it is more likely to go down than up.


  2. I appreciate the lack of name calling and a more civil tone than many sites, but it does seem that there are many reputable scientists that disagree with the warming analysis. I do not believe that all sceintists are objective in their data analysis; there are many instances throughout recent history of creative data collection and analysis. It is my understanding that Harrison and Carson state that below-surface ocean temperature data are sparse, and the existing data sets involve substantial “interpolation, extrapolation, and averaging” that may compromise the integrity of results from such data sets. Harrison and Carson “present results that involve very little manipulation of the data and do not depend upon an analyzed field.” Their results show that data collection on ocean temps is far fom conclusive on the issue and that temps may actually be cooling globally. The term climate change is a little redundant since climate is always fluxuating. And the variables are so numerous and poorly understood that it is quite shocking to me that objective scientists would jump on the global warming bandwagon so quickly. I am very disappointed with the lack of open and honest debate over various climate change issues. The Al Gore promoted view that the debate is over is nonsense and anyone who repeats that can not be taken seriously as being objective, regardless of credentials. Debate is almost never over in science.


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