Obama’s energy secretary outlines dire climate change scenario – The Guardian

3 thoughts on “Obama’s energy secretary outlines dire climate change scenario – The Guardian”

  1. It’s positive to see this shift at the highest levels of the US government and I suppose better late than never. I really hope it’s better late than never, that we will see concerted action to bring about a low carbon future. My gut feeling is that the shift is too large to be achieved in the shortening time frame available and that denial of the problem is going to remain firmly entrenched. The next strong el-nino might break down some of that but will coral reefs survive it? I think the best we’ll get is belated attempts to limit the damage. I don’t see real willingness of our own governments to act – buiding infrastructure for increased coal exports in the face of the dire consequences for Australia from climate change. I suspect the US, for all the power and influence of US presidents, will likewise put shorter term economics first.

    Australian Story was riveting, the world needs scientists like you Ove.

    I haven’t followed the Bolt debate; I’ve read his opinion pieces in the past and his refusal to acknowledge any scientific basis for climate change is well known, is unlikely to change, even after the next strong el-nino, an ice free summer arctic and the loss of vast areas of coral reef. You’ll never get a debate about science from him, his arguments are entirely for the ignorant and if he gets more attention from this he’ll be assured of more opportunity to publish his unsubstanttiated opinions.


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